Moving On: Series 9

Jimmy McGovern’s popular series of standalone dramas invites guest writers and well-known actors to tell modern stories about characters who have reached turning points in their lives and are on the verge of momentous change.

Cat. No: 194804
Barcode: 5019322948049
Run Time: 215 mins
Discs: 2
Cert: 12
Format: DVD
Release Date: 11th March 2019

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All five episodes from the ninth series of the BBC drama created by Jimmy McGovern. Each episode tells a self-contained contemporary story in which the characters have reached a turning point in their lives and are trying to move on.

Invisible – Happily-married mother of two Rachel is forced to revisit her tragic childhood when her past is reopened. Written by and starring Jodhi May, with Sinéad Cusack.

Lost – A bereaved woman finds comfort in her local spiritualist church, much to the horror of her sceptical son. Starring Sue Johnston, Paula Wilcox and Dominic Power.

Two Fat Ladies – When Cath wins a big money prize at bingo, she falls out with her mate Debs, leaving their friendship in tatters. Starring Sally Lindsay and Shaun Williamson.

Neighbour – When their business fails, a couple is forced to downsize, but Michelle is unwilling to get to know her new neighbour. Starring Lorraine Burroughs and Charlie Brooks.

The Registrar – A marriage registrar discovers her husband is being unfaithful. Written by Jimmy McGovern and Megan Ellison, starring Samantha Bond and Neil Morrissey.

Jimmy McGovern’s anthology series has been running since 2009 featuring Britain’s top acting and writing talent, telling contemporary stories about people confronting the dilemmas life throws at them.

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