World War Two: Battles Won And Lost

The Complete Series

Every battle is both a victory and a defeat, it depends which flag you fly.

Cat. No: 194796
Barcode: 5019322947967
Run Time:  480 mins
Discs: 3
Cert: E
Format: DVD
Release Date: 4th February 2019 

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From sweeping offensives to special operations, this is the story of the battles won and battles lost that shaped the outcome of the greatest conflict in history.

The battles of World War I were battles of attrition. Opposing armies hardly moving between lines of trenches. The battles of World War II were different. This compelling documentary series tells the story of the battles that changed the world.

Across every theatre of the Second World War battles were decided not only by strategy but by armies in their element, capitalising on the terrain and with better access to supplies or by forces stretched beyond their limits, facing unforeseen conditions and targets underestimated.

These battles won and lost would determine possession of territory, of resources, and of the strength to go on fighting. For some of the battles – the tank battles, Blitzkrieg, commando raids, amphibious landings, mobile warfare – it was the victory that most influenced the future course of the war. For others, the defeats were so devastating that they changed history.

Told with archive, expert commentary, eye-witness testimony and the unique illustration of military tactics in the war room, these are the stories of the battles that decided the outcome of the greatest conflict in history.