The Demon Headmaster

The Complete Series

The Demon Headmaster is evil with a sinister plan to take over the world. And he plans to start by hypnotising the pupils in his school – an easy enough task, or so he thinks.


Cat. No: 188926
Barcode: 5019322889267
Run Time: 475 mins
Discs: 3
Cert: PG
Format: DVD
Release Date: 14th May 2018

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The Society for the Protection of our Lives Against Them (SPLAT) is something he didn’t count on.

SPLAT is a small gang of pupils determined to resist his hypnotic powers at all costs. And with their fighting spirit, the Demon Headmaster may have met his match. SPLAT members Harvey and Lloyd are having some success in fighting off the headmaster’s power until, to their disgust, their parents decide to foster another child – a girl!

Enter Dinah. She seems to believe the headmaster is wonderful. Well, what do you expect from girls!

But sometimes girls do prove their worth and Dinah soon becomes disillusioned. To Harvey and Lloyd’s surprise, she proves a brave and resourceful ally against the megalomaniac’s plans.

They will have to act fast because once the Demon Headmaster has the pupils under his power his next target is Downing Street, and after that the world…

This release contains all three series:

Series 1: 1996 Part 1 – The Demon Headmaster & Part 2 – The Prime Minister’s Brain

Series 2: 1996 The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again

Series 3: 1998 The Demon Headmaster Takes Over