The Fishing Party

A Play For Today

First shown in BBC One’s renowned Play for Today series in 1972, Peter Terson’s sparkling comedy of class and manners stars Brian Glover, Ray Mort and Douglas Livingstone.

Cat. No: 188002
Barcode: 5019322880028
Run Time: 57 mins
Discs: 1
Cert: 12
Format: DVD
Release Date: 1st October 2018

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Derbyshire miners Art (Glover), Ern (Mort) and Abe (Livingstone) head north to Whitby for a boys-only escape and a spot of sea fishing.

Checking into a shabby B&B run by haughty landlady Audrey (Jane Freeman) and her henpecked hubby, the trio are bamboozled into paying a high price for their rooms.

They board their chartered boat piloted by a taciturn ex-fisherman, who stares grimly ahead while offering stern warnings about mixing chips and brown ale on a swelling sea. But the boys are half-cut before they’ve left the harbour, and as they reach the cod grounds they’re decidedly off-colour.

With his unshakable poise, fervour for self-improvement and back-of-the-sauce-bottle learning, Art is the well-meaning group leader who anchors the action as they head for deep water.

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