The Brothers: Complete Collection

Series 1-7

The complete collection of all seven series of the Hammond family saga. Broadcast on BBC One on Sunday nights, it took Britain by storm in the 1970s.

Cat. No: 169679
Barcode: 23rd October 2017
Run Time: 4567 mins
Discs: 27
Cert: 12
Format: DVD
Release Date: 23rd October 2017

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Edward (Patrick O’Connell/Glyn Owen) is a no- nonsense, well paid accountant who feels he was most qualified to run the whole business. David (Robin Chadwick) is a disinterested “second-class honours, first-class layabout” arts graduate. Brian (Richard Easton) is a dull accountancy wizard with a controlling wife.

The Brothers was a television phenomenon in the 1970s. Created by the BBC, it ran for seven series between 1972-1976, and surprised audiences with its gripping boardroom drama and engrossing storytelling.

Later series introduce ruthless city banker Paul Merroney (Colin Baker), who will stop at nothing to see the Hammond’s business succeed, and his equally ambitious rival Jane Maxwell (Kate O’Mara), the tough boss of an air freight business.

The drama opens with the death of family patriarch Robert Hammond.Tensions run high when the shares in the family’s lucrative business, Hammond Transport Services, are split not just between his three sons, but also, shockingly, with his secretary (and mistress) Jennifer (Jennifer Wilson).

Join the Hammond family in this absorbing and addictive tale of family tragedy, financial struggle, secrets, lies and betrayal.

Written and created by N. J. Crisp (Dixon of Dock Green) and Gerard Glaister (Dr. Finlay’s Casebook).

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