London Can Take It!

This collection features seven different wartime films from the Imperial War Museums’ archive looking at life in London from the outbreak of war through the Blitz to the V-Bomb menace.

Cat. No: 169665
Barcode: 5019322696650
Run Time:  107 mins
Discs: 1
Cert: E
Format: DVD
Release Date: 15/10/2018 

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LONDON CAN TAKE IT! (1940) This celebrated film, co-directed by Humphrey Jennings, was aimed at American audiences, with reporter Quentin Reynolds praising the courage & resilience of Londoners during the Blitz.
THE FIRST DAYS (1939) A quiet portrait of London in the first days after war had been declared, awaiting the inevitable onslaught.
NEIGHBOURS UNDER FIRE (1940) This inspiring short film, shows Londoners rallying around to help one another during the fury of the Blitz, when – in just one night alone – 1200 people suddenly found themselves homeless.
CHRISTMAS UNDER FIRE (1941) A moving and vivid portrait of Christmas 1940, when Londoners swapped the intimacy of the fireside for shelter in the capital’s tube stations.
ORDINARY PEOPLE (1942) A day in the life of ordinary Londoners, trying to get on with their lives and contribute to the war effort – and waiting for the seemingly inevitable air raid sirens to sound again.
LONDON SCRAPBOOK (1942) Bessie Love, Basil Radford & Leslie Mitchell star in this vivid portrait of London at war, intended for American audiences to help them appreciate the experience of living in a war-torn city.
SECOND BATTLE OF LONDON (1944) A tribute to the work of Anti-Aircraft Command under General Sir Frederick Pile in defending London against waves of German V-1 Flying Bombs.
BONUS FEATURE: MANCHESTER TOOK IT TOO (1941) A short film showing the bomb damage to Manchester caused by the German air raids of 22 and 23 December 1940, produced by the Manchester Co-op to show that other cities apart