A Year To Remember 1967

British Pathé Presents

A Year to Remember, the classic series that recalls the definitive events of the 20th century, compiles contemporary news coverage drawn from the world famous British Pathé archive. Pathé News set the standard for cinematic journalism, keeping audiences both informed and entertained for the better part of a century.

Cat. No: 167497
Barcode: 5019322664979
Run Time: 60 mins
Discs: 1
Cert: E
Format: DVD
Release Date: 23rd January 2017

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This programme details not only the major political issues that dominated the day, but also key social changes and cultural trends. This hour-long episode chronicles that remarkable year, 1967.

The year starts dramatically with the escape of The Boston Strangler and his recapture three days later. Cassius Clay refuses to join the U.S. Army and is immediately stripped of his heavyweight title. Race riots erupt in Detroit lasting five days leaving 43 dead, over 1000 injured and thousands of buildings destroyed. Tragedy occurs in the Space Race when a Russian cosmonaut dies in the Soyuz 1 crash. On a brighter note, Elvis Presley marries Priscilla. Meanwhile, in the UK the Swinging Sixties continues to dominate the headlines as The Monkees touch down at Heathrow, to a chorus of screaming teenage girls! The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, on bail for drug offences, are cleared. The Crown Jewels are moved to an ultra secure chamber in the Tower of London. Britain also powers forward technologically with the development of a prototype for Concorde!

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