Lancaster Bombers

The fascinating story of one of the icons of British Aviation history.

Cat. No: 166503
Barcode: 5019322665038
Run Time: 55 mins
Discs: 1
Cert: E
Format: DVD
Release Date: 23rd January 2017

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There is something delightfully nostalgic about the Lancaster Bomber that aircraft experts and enthusiasts alike will always appreciate. Reliable, versatile and readily available, the Avro Lancaster’s arrival in 1942 made way for a new calibre of the four-engined bomber that would become Bomber Command’s primary weapon during the Second World War. Participating in some of the most daring and famous missions of its day, the Lancaster marked a momentous period in British aviation history, and has maintained an iconic status ever since.

Not only proving to be the most successful British heavy bomber of its day, the Lancaster became the inspiration for further aviation developments, such as the Lincoln, and even the making of a movie after its role in the unforgettable dambuster raid. Using original wartime footage and recent colour film of one of the few operational Lancaster’s remaining in the world, this programme relays a full and fascinating account of the Lancaster’s story, which proves both informative and highly dramatic.