A Year To Remember 1978

British Pathé Presents

A Year to Remember, the classic series that recalls the definitive events of the 20th century, compiles contemporary news coverage drawn from the world famous British Pathé archive. Pathé News set the standard for cinematic journalism, keeping audiences both informed and entertained for the better part of a century.

Cat. No: 166481
Barcode: 5019322664819
Run Time: 60 mins
Discs: 1
Cert: E
Format: DVD
Release Date: 8th January 2018

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This programme details not only the major political issues that dominated the day, but also key social changes and cultural trends. This hour-long episode chronicles that remarkable year, 1978.

This was a turbulent year on many fronts. The super tanker Amoco Cadiz splits into two in violent seas, spilling its oil cargo and creating an ecological disaster. In a Swiss cemetery, grave robbers steal the body of one of the world’s most revered actors: Charlie Chaplin. In the ongoing Bush War, Rhodesia becomes a battleground leading to a mass exodus of its tourist population. Oklahoma hosts its annual cow chip throwing contest. Host nation Argentina wins the World Cup for the first time, beating the Netherlands 3-1 in a controversial victory, and Prince Charles prepares for a parachute jump.

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