A Year To Remember 1968

British Pathé Presents

A Year to Remember, the classic series that recalls the definitive events of the 20th century, compiles contemporary news coverage drawn from the world famous British Pathé archive. Pathé News set the standard for cinematic journalism, keeping audiences both informed and entertained for the better part of a century.

Cat. No: 166478
Barcode: 5019322664789
Run Time: 60 mins
Discs: 1
Cert: E
Format: DVD
Release Date: 8th January 2018

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This programme details not only the major political issues that dominated the day, but also key social changes and cultural trends. This hour-long episode chronicles that remarkable year, 1968.

This devastating year witnessed the assassination of two major political figures – Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. Demonstrations take place in London as thousands of anti-Vietnam war protestors gather in Trafalgar Square. Racists and demonstrators clash during the march on Downing Street against a proposed immigration bill. In Mexico, the greatest sporting contest in the world gets underway as the Olympics is staged in a Latin American country for the very first time. Meanwhile, in the entertainment world Roman Polanski marries Sharon Tate, and The Beatles have a spiritual encounter in India.

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