Empresses in the Palace

An epic tale of love, betrayal and scandal in Imperial China. Sun Li stars as Zhen Huan, a 17-year-old innocent introduced into the imperial court as the latest concubine of Emperor Yong Zheng (Chen Jianbin). Her dreams of a new life of love and prosperity are swiftly dashed as she enters a dog-eat-dog world of treachery and corruption.

Cat. No: 166462
Barcode: 5019322664628
Run Time: 541 mins
Discs: 3
Cert: 12
Format: DVD
Release Date: 15th August 2016

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Sun Li stars as Zhen Huan, her arrival into the imperial court sparks anger and resentment in Consort Hua (Jiang Xin), the highest-ranking concubine in the imperial harem and a powerful figure due to the authority of her brother, a prominent general. Zhen Huan must also do battle with the First Empress (Ada Choi), whose own elevated position in the court is under threat.

Amidst all the bitter rivalries and deadly conspiracies, Zhen Huan must summon all her inner strength to protect herself – even from those she once counted as friends. But can she rise to wealth and glory in the Forbidden City without being tainted by corruption?

Shown in China as 76 45-minute episodes across two seasons, the English version is presented as six sumptuous episodes of 90 minutes, with the drama and intrigue played out among fascinating insights into court etiquette, fashions, poetry, performance, Chinese medicine – and ageless human frailty and chicanery.

In Mandarin with English subtitles.