Scotland: The Edge of the Land

The Complete Collection

A spectactular aerial journey along Scotland’s coastline.

Cat. No: 166433
Barcode: 5019322664338
Run Time: 300 mins
Discs: 6
Cert: E
Format: DVD
Release Date: 11th July 2016

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Series 1:
A spectacular aerial journey up Scotland’s western coastline. The edge of the land is where geography becomes history; much of what defines the Scots happened where the Atlantic’s long fingers reach into the heart of Scotland. From the air we see where man has patterned the landscape; the great city of Glasgow, the fisher towns of the west. We see the marks made by a thousand generations; the stones at Callanish, the brochs of Glenelg.

The wild margins of Scotland have been shaped by the raw power of the ocean; the cliffs at Cape Wrath, the jagged ridge of the Cuillin. We see sea eagles in flight, bottle-nosed dolphins at play. We see Scotland from a unique compass perspective, until now unavailable to earthbound Scots.

Series 2:
The eastern edge of Scotland – a coastline of great drama, variety and historic resonance. From the towering sandstone cliffs of Orkney and Caithness, down past the fisher towns of the Moray Firth, the long beaches of Kincardine, Angus and Fife, the seascape around Edinburgh all the way to the City of Berwickon- Tweed, once part of Scotland and now the most northerly outpost of England. This is a shoreline decked out with all the traces of humankind: stone-age burial chambers, Pictish brochs, land fortresses, royal castles, millionaire’s palaces, ancient harbours, North Sea drilling rigs, soaring bridges, medieval churches, gun emplacements and the roar and flare of modern petrochemical plants.

Yet there are long stretches of gentle woodland, mile after mile of gleaming sands, tranquil sea lochs, sand bars on which hundreds of grey seals sun themselves, marshlands used by thousands of migrating birds and dozens of red-roofed fishing villages as picturesque as anything the Mediterranean has to offer.