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Too late, perhaps, for a cure. Too late for an early diagnosis to save the life of the poor wretch on the cold steel slab. But not too late to solve the puzzle, to right a wrong… To make a bit of difference in this bad, hard world.

Cat. No: 166431
Barcode: 5019322664314
Run Time: 863 mins
Discs: 9
Cert: 15
Format: DVD
Release Date: 5th September 2016

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McCallum is a series unlike any other. This isn’t a glossy cop show where the smiles dazzle more than the badges. This isn’t a tale of heroes and villains, of extraordinary people. Just the entirely believable tales of a man in crisis, the dedicated team around him struggling to work with slashed budgets, and the mysteries of forensic pathology, where a spot of lateral thinking can mean the difference between a right and a wrong conclusion, and an over-looked point can result in the conviction of an innocent man.

Set in the East End of London – hunting ground of the notorious Jack the Ripper – the series stars John Hannah (The Mummy/Four Weddings and a Funeral) in the title role of Dr. Iain McCallum, a motorcycling forensic pathologist with a passion for truth and more women problems than he can handle. Surrounding him are the dedicated St. Patrick’s team of Angela Moloney, Sir Paddy Penfold, Fuzzy and Bobby… close friends at the sharp end, making up a formidable body of opposition to those determined to flaunt the law.