Chief Crazy Horse

Hollywood Classics Collection

Legendary Native American Chief Crazy Horse is betrayed by his rival – who tells the white men there’s gold in the tribe’s sacred burial ground…

Cat. No: 164454
Barcode: 5019322644545
Run Time: 83 mins
Discs: 1
Cert: PG
Format: DVD
Release Date: 9th May 2016

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As a new gold rush begins, and old treaties are ignored, the Sioux tribe’s war with the fork-tongued white man begins again with new ferocity. Crazy Horse (Victor Mature) leads his braves into battle time and again in the treacherous build up to the historic Battle of the Little Big Horn (otherwise known as Custer’s Last Stand).

Told entirely from the Native American perspective, this is the enthralling story of a truly great, visionary warrior and a principled leader much misunderstood by history.

Directed by winner of the 1988 Golden Boot Award George Sherman (Big Jake), Co-Written by Oscar Nominee Franklin Coen (The Train).