Air Cadet

Hollywood Classics Collection

From the director of Star Trek

Cat. No: 164446
Barcode: 5019322644460
Run Time: 94 mins
Discs: 1
Cert: U
Format: DVD
Release Date: 21st March 2016

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From the director of Star Trek. 

Three Air Force cadets are sent to a flight school in the arid red deserts of Arizona.

They meet Major Jack Page (Stephen McNally), a strict commander who rules with an iron fist; he has been hardened by the stress of sending too many young soldiers to their deaths.

Jack starts to see a psychiatrist for help with his trauma– the same doctor who is treating his estranged wife, Janet (Gail Russell).

One of the cadets, Russ Coulter (Richard Long), soon meets and falls in love with Janet. Russ begins to suspect that his new rivalry with Jack may run even deeper than an ex-lover’s jealousy. A connection with his dead brother slowly unearths the horrifying truth…

Star Trek director Joseph Pevney’s affecting psychological drama also features Hollywood screen icon Rock Hudson (Giant ), Peggie Castle (Lawman), James Best (The Dukes of Hazzard) and Robert Arthur (Yellow Sky).