Clash (Engwkentro)

In a city where death hangs over every alleyway, Raymond must decide the price of his brother’s life. To rule this city of death… a brother’s blood must stain the streets.

Cat. No: 164435
Barcode: 5019322644354
Run Time: 60 mins
Discs: 1
Cert: 15
Format: DVD
Release Date: 8th April 2016

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Two teenage brothers, Richard (Felix Roco) and Raymond (Daniel Medrana), are on the opposite sides of a brutal Filipino inner-city gang war.

The eldest, Richard, is the leader of his mob – the so-called ‘New Moon’. Little brother Raymond is slowly being inducted into the rival ‘Children of the Night’, having to prove his worth.

A bloody midnight clash brings the gangs’ feud to a messy head. After the fight, Raymond’s furious leader Tomas (Zyrus Desamparado) orders him to murder his older brother.

Meanwhile, the city’s iron-fisted mayor lurks in the darkest reaches of its streets, and his very own ‘City Death Squad’ are killing off criminal gangsters. The brothers could be next…