Two friends keep a secret with spiralling repercussions… In this pacy, multilayered Norwegian crime drama, two teenagers with a secret life are caught in a web of murder, corruption and gang warfare.

Cat. No: 163497
Barcode: 5019322634973
Run Time: 360 mins
Discs: 2
Cert: 15
Format: DVD
Release Date: 14th September 2015

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Old school friends Philip and Henning hang out together in a workers’ cabin at a remote quarry, where they tentatively explore their mutual attraction. One night their peace is shattered when a car pulls up outside and a gun battle plays out before their eyes. They are spotted by the surviving shooter, but escape and make off with the murder weapon, which they discard in a nearby rock pool. The victims all belonged to a local motorbike gang – though one was a police informer trying to save the gunman from his captors. But who was the mysterious and ruthless killer?

Philip and Henning vow to tell no one what they have witnessed, for fear that their sexual experimentation will be discovered. But since Philip’s foster mum Helen is the local sheriff investigating the murders, it won’t be easy to stay quiet. Meanwhile a runaway girl begs the killer for help, an undercover cop tries to conceal her own connection to the biker gang and their drugs ring, and the new head of Oslo’s Organised Crime Unit seems oddly intent on burying the case.

Produced by Norwegian public broadcaster, NRK, makers of the financial thriller Mammon, broadcast on Channel 4.