Dr Finlay’s Casebook: Series 5, 6 & 7

The classic medical drama series that became a TV sensation! Based on A. J. Cronin’s novella, Country Doctor, the series centres on a general medical practice in the fictional Scottish town of Tannochbrae during the late 1920s.

Cat. No: 163489
Barcode: 5019322634898
Run Time: 700 mins
Discs: 5
Cert: PG
Format: DVD
Release Date: 18th January 2016

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The idealist young Doctor Finlay (Bill Simpson) sets out on a mission to bring a sleepy 1920s Scottish village into the 20th century.

The crusty senior Doctor Cameron (Andrew Cruickshank) and unflappable housekeeper Janet MacPherson (Barbara Mullen) complete the unlikely team at Arden House medical practice.

This time the doctors and Janet are convinced to take part in the cottage hospital’s talent show, a baby dies after Doctor Finlay persuades the mother to let him vaccinate the child and Finlay is cheated out of first prize in an angling contest. When Cameron and Finlay stop speaking to one another it’s up to Janet to find out why.

First broadcast in 1962 the drama had become a cult sensation by 1965. A Bill Simpson Fan Club was set up and Andrew Cruikshank was invited to the British Medical Association’s annual dinner to speak on medical matters as if he were a real GP!

The show’s success was down to excellent casting and compelling storylines that will have you coming back time and time again…

Series 5, 6 & 7:

All surviving Episodes.

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