Forever And A Day

Cohen Film Collection

This family saga was Hollywood’s thank you to Great Britain for its role in WWII and features an all-star cast of performers and directors (including an uncredited Alfred Hitchcock) as well as the most writers ever attributed to a single film.

Cat. No: 139270
Barcode: 5019322392705
Run Time: 102 mins
Discs: 1
Cert: U
Format: DVD
Release Date: 25th May 2015

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This is the story of how a house can become a home.

During World War II an American reporter, Gates Trimble Pomfret (Kent Smith), heads to London during the Blitz in order to sell his ancestral family house. The current tenant is his distant cousin, Lesley Trimble (Ruth Warrick).

Shocked by Pomfret’s plan to sell, Trimble tells him the tales of the people who have loved, lost and laughed in the house’s 140-year history. As the story of the house is brought to life, the intimate connections between the Trimble and Pomfret families are revealed.

The supporting stars include Victor McLaglen, Billy Bevan, Ethel Griffies, June Lockhart, C. Aubrey Smith, Edmund Gwenn, Ray Milland, Claude Rains, Charles Laughton, Buster Keaton, Edward Everett Horton, Brian Aherne, Merle Oberon, Richard Haydn, Nigel Bruce, Robert Cummings and many more…