Grayson Perry: Double Bill

Why Men Wear Frocks & Spare Time

The Turner Prize-winning artist explores the world of the transvestite, and investigates how we spend our free time – in two acclaimed Channel 4 documentaries.

Cat. No: 139242
Barcode: 5019322392422
Run Time: 100 mins
Discs: 1
Cert: E
Format: DVD
Release Date: 19th May 2014

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As an artist, Grayson Perry is equally famous for his ceramics and Claire, his transvestite alter ego. He is to many the Turner Prizewinning transvestite potter, to perhaps fewer a happily married, middle-aged man, and devoted husband and father. In 2013 he delivered the BBC Reith Lecture to universal acclaim.

Why Men Wear Frocks

In his documentary for Channel 4, Grayson explores his compulsion to dress as a woman, talking candidly about his own experiences and how he reconciles this aspect of his character with his roles as artist, husband and father. Ultimately Why Men Wear Frocks uncovers the difficulties of being a man in the 21st Century.

Spare Time

Grayson fronts his second documentary exploring the contemporary landscape of leisure. Casting an eye over the many activities that fall under the term ‘spare time’, he investigates why our free time is being spent on increasingly passive, solitary and expensive pursuits.

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