Common As Muck: Series 1

Series 1 of the classic BBC comedy drama following the adventures of a gang of dustbin men starring Edward Woodward, Tim Healy, Neil Dudgeon, Roy Hudd, Stephen Lord & Michelle Holmes.

Cat. No: 135022
Barcode: 5019322350224
Run Time: 300 mins
Discs: 2
Cert: 15
Format: DVD
Release Date: 10th March 2014

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Edward Woodward leads his gang of bin men on the highways and driveways of William Ivory’s BAFTA-nominated comedy drama.

The six-man crew proves troublesome, not just for some of their ‘customers’ but also for the suited bureaucrats at the council offices who are ready to waive the threat of privatisation over their rebellious heads.

On their rounds, Nev and his crew know every trick in the book, but life is changing and the bin men are facing the stark realities of a corporate take-over and even redundancy. Staunchly fighting for their survival, they still manage to have fun.

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