Angels: Series 1

Before Casualty came Angels…The groundbreaking realistic portrayal of the lives of NHS nurses.

Cat. No: 134965
Barcode: 5019322349655
Run Time: 750 mins
Discs: 5
Cert: 12
Format: DVD
Release Date: 18th March 2013

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Created by Paula Milne, the series chronicled the personal and professional lives of six student nurses, and controversially, tackled issues such as contraception, alcoholism and promiscuity as part of the nurses’ lives.

Grittily authentic each actress taking part was required to work on a real hospital ward to gain experience and thus contribute to the realism of the production.

With its winning combination of the soap opera-like personal lives of the young nurses and the often starkly detailed and harrowing medical aspects of its drama, Angels was a slickly produced series now regarded as the all important bridge between the gentler medical series of the 1960s such as Emergency Ward 10 and the intense, harder edged offering of today such as Casualty and A&E.

15 episodes:
Arrival, Initiation, Appraisal, Staff, Off Duty, Case History, Nights, On the Mat, Model Patient, Saturday Night, Casualty, Interim, Linda, Confrontation & Commitment.

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