Dr Finlay’s Casebook: Series 1

The classic medical drama series that became a TV sensation! Based on A. J. Cronin’s novella, Country Doctor, the series centres on a general medical practice in the fictional Scottish town of Tannochbrae during the late 1920s.

Cat. No: 134964
Barcode: 5019322349648
Run Time: 600 mins
Discs: 3
Cert: PG
Format: DVD
Release Date: 12th March 2013

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Dr Alan Finlay is a young medical student working in a country practice in the Scottish village of Tannochbrae, under the tutelage of the experienced Dr Cameron.

First broadcast in 1962 the drama had become a cult sensation by 1965. A Bill Simpson Fan Club was set up, Andy Stewart’s ‘Dr Finlay’ was in the Hit Parade for five weeks, and Andrew Cruikshank was invited to the British Medical Association’s annual dinner to speak on medical matters as if he were a real GP!

The show’s success was down to the compelling storylines, and excellent casting. The young and forward-looking Dr Finlay is played by the dapper Bill Simpson, while his senior medical partner, the slightly staid but highly pragmatic Dr Cameron, is portrayed by the veteran actor Andrew Cruickshank. Housekeeper Janet is played to stiff perfection by Barbara Mullen.

Series 1:

10 Surviving Episodes + 2 Bonus Episodes (Unrestored Footage).

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