Bomber Boys

The Fighting Lancaster

Making full use of rare and personal archive materials, Bomber Boys is one of the finest tributes to the men of wartime RAF Bomber Command ever produced for television. All four full-length episodes are included.

Cat. No: 132616
Barcode: 5019322326168
Run Time: 236 mins
Discs: 1
Cert: E
Format: DVD
Release Date: 21st June 2010

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Joe English learned to fly a Lancaster bomber before he could drive a car. During World War Two, RAF Bomber Command called upon young men barely out of their teens to fly some of the most dangerous missions of the entire war. In 1943, the life expectancy of an air gunner was just three minutes in combat. For every 100 Bomber Command aircrew, only 24 would survive their tour …

Now, Joe English is reunited with the five other surviving aircrew from RAF 625 Squadron Lancaster ‘The Lucky H’ to tell their stories for the very first time. Joined by other surviving Bomber Command veterans, they provide a powerful and moving insight into life – and death – as one of the ‘Bomber Boys’.

At the same time, seven grandsons of bomber veterans experience life first hand in a recreation of a wartime British Commonwealth Air Training Plant, providing them with a new understanding of what their grandfathers endured – and the sacrifices they made.

The veterans and their grandchildren are then reunited for an unforgettable flight in one of only two surviving airworthy Lancasters before setting out together to visit the graves of wartime comrades in Europe.