In any country’s army the paratrooper is the elite – tough , hand-picked, highly trained and a formidable fighter. They arrive as shock troops, usually outnumbered and relying on skill and raw guts to win through.

Cat. No: 122999
Barcode: 5019322229995
Run Time: 207 mins
Discs: 1
Cert: E
Format: DVD
Release Date: 3rd April 2006

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Using extensive rare combat footage, dramatic re-constructions and exclusive interviews, AIRBORNE! is a detailed and dramatic account of the world’s elite airbor ne units in action – their history, tactics and weaponry.

Although small scale paratrooper attacks were attempted during the Great War, it was during World War Two that airborne forces first proved what they were really capable of. Elite German units took part in the invasion of Norway and the Blitzkrieg, often winning against overwhelming odds. They inspired Churchill to establish a British paratrooper force – and Allied airborne forces were to play an increasingly important role, especially during the liberation of Europe.

At war’s end, airborne units were thought obsolete, but they soon proved their worth in conflicts the world over. British paratroopers fought in Palestine, Egypt, Aden, Cyprus, the Falklands and the Gulf. Elite French airborne units fought in Indo-China and Zaire, while America pioneered new helicopter-borne assault tactics in Vietnam.

Today, wherever war breaks out, it will be  airborne forces who spearhead any assault. They remain the warrior elite.