Classic British Jets: Hunter

In February 1948, the Ministry of Supply issued a specification for a RAF fighterinterceptor. The aircraft was to be the answer to the new threat of high altitude long range Russian atom bombers. The new aircraft was also intended to wrest back the lead in jet fighter technology from the Americans, who were then dominating the market with the F-86 Sabre.

Cat. No: 121484
Barcode: 5019322214847
Run Time: 100 mins
Discs: 1
Cert: E
Format: DVD
Release Date: 22nd August 2005

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The aircraft selected was the Hawker Hunter, which would eventually prove itself to be one of Britain’s most successful post-war fighters. Almost 2000 Hunters would be built and supplied to air forces around the world, and they would prove to be equally effective in interception or ground attack roles.

Featuring an exclusive interview with Hawker’s chief test pilot at the time, Bill Bedford, THE HAWKER HUNTER provides a detailed profile of the capabilities of the aircraft and is packed with the best footage available.

The DVD includes rare film of a European Hunter squadron scramble, vintage appearances at Farnborough, the NATO competition between the Hunter and the Swift, the Black Arrows display team and No. 111 Squadron looping an incredible 22 Hunters and a behind the scenes visit to a Chilean Air Force Hunter Squadron.

The two seater Hunter trainer variants are also looked at in detail, with particular emphasis on cannon and rocket weapons training.

In addition, this comprehensive DVD includes some of the most breathtaking film of the Hawker Hunter ever released. The Swiss Air Force are featured practicing low level manoeuvres in the Alps, taking off from motorways and practicing spectacular ground attacks with live ammunition on sheer alpine rock faces.