Battlegroup On Alert In The Gulf

Join the supercarrier USS Independence in 1998 as it enforces UN sanctions against Iraq. Narrated by William Baldwin.

Cat. No: 107054
Barcode: 5019322070542
Run Time: 105 mins
Discs: 1
Cert: E
Format: DVD
Release Date: 19th April 2004

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A Battle Group consists of an aircraft carrier, guided-missile destroyers, cruisers and hunter-killer submarines – the most advanced warships ever built, bristling with some of the deadliest weapons ever made. The US Navy has twelve such formidable fighting forces deployed around the world, ready to be unleashed against foreign aggressors. This unique documentary, made with unprecedented access to the Battle Group formed around the USS Independence, was filmed in 1998 as the US Navy enforced U.N sanctions in the Persian Gulf. It includes spectacular coverage of the Independence’s Hornets and Tomcats enforcing the ‘No Fly Zone’ over Iraq, as well as boarding parties stopping and searching suspect vessels and exclusive interviews with the Battle Group Commander, pilots, flight deck crew and naval ratings.

As the cameras rolled, the U.N. authorised force against Iraq and a second battle group, centred on the new John C Stennis, joined the Independence and readied to strike. Then two US embassies in Africa were attacked by terrorists, and the Battle Groups were ordered to unleash their arsenal against targets in Afghanistan…