Due to popular demand, Simply Media are releasing the most shocking and influential film about a nuclear apocalypse on Blu-Ray for the first time in the UK, and on widescreen for the first time worldwide.

Nominated for seven BAFTAs, winning four including Best Single Drama. Rated 8.1 on IMDB.

First broadcast on BBC Two in 1984 at the height of Cold War nuclear paranoia, Threads became one of the most significant and influential films produced by the BBC.

Directed by Mick Jackson (The Bodyguard) and written by Barry Hines (Kes), Threads depicts the full effects of global nuclear war on the city of Sheffield. It is unflinching in its presentation of the tense weeks leading up to the bomb dropping, the attack itself, and the bleak years of nuclear winter that follow.

This 2-disc set presents the original film remastered in 2K from the original BBC CRI 16 mm prints. It is now available in HD on Blu-Ray for the very first time in the UK and includes the world premiere of the director-approved widescreen edition.

““This is a terrific job. If anything, I think it’s better than the original, in many, many ways. This brings the original intention once more into high relief – to be more suggestive and therefore to engage viewers’ imaginations in adding their own extensions to what is actually shown or, now, more subtly suggested.

“I’m very impressed by how careful and sensitive you’ve been in your choices, shot by shot. This is a terrific achievement and I wholeheartedly endorse it.” – Director Mick Jackson on the new widescreen edition.

Special Features Include:

Audio Commentaries with lead actress Karen Meagher and Director Mick Jackson

Director-approved widescreen edition

PDF of Radio Times articles and letters (UK Exclusive)

Documentaries: Shooting the Annihilation, Auditioning for the Apocalypse, Destruction Designer, Stephen Thrower on Threads.

What the press said:

“The film that frightened me most” – Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

“Brought Armageddon kicking and screaming into the nation’s living rooms” – Charlie Brooker

“The most terrifying film of all time” – Vulture Hound

“Horrifying, moving and powerful. Watch it by yourself, late at night and never sleep again.” – Empire Online

“Brilliant, informative and shattering” –Daily Express