World War Two: Battles Won and Lost and Impossible Peace released on DVD for the first time 4th February 2019

Impossible Peace

It was believed that World War One was the ‘war to end all wars’. The grief and loss suffered would result in a new world order, one in which peace and prosperity would replace inequality, injustice and power-grabbing swagger.

But 20 years after the guns fell silent, the war drums were banging again – louder and more lethal than ever. Why? Why did the peace that survivors prayed and paid for last little more than 20 years? Why did tyrants rise to control the fate of continents? Why did a world that had survived a war collapse into unprecedented depression?

Told through archive footage and the insights of international historians, Impossible Peace is a story of 20 years of peace that produced war. 


World War Two: Battles Won and Lost

The battles of World War One were battles of attrition. Opposing armies hardly moving between lines of trenches. The battles of World War Two were different. From sweeping offensives to special operations, this is the story of the battles that changed the world.

Told with archive footage, expert commentary, eyewitness testimony and the unique illustration of military tactics in the war room, these are the stories of the battles that decided the outcome of the greatest conflict in history.