The Rector’s Wife: Complete Series

Released on DVD 8th October 2018

BAFTA-nominated Channel 4 adaptation of Joanna Trollope’s tale of love, liberation and sacrifice. Starring Lindsay Duncan, Prunella Scales and Ronald Pickup.

The Rector’s Wife DVD Trailer

Directed by BAFTA-winner Giles Foster(Alan Bennett: Talking Heads) and adapted by Emmy-winner Hugh Whitemore (The Gathering Storm).

Lindsay Duncan plays Anna Bouverie, who has been a clergyman’s wife for 20 years, supporting his work and scrimping and saving to raise their family.

When her husband, played by Jonathan Coy – Downton Abbey, fails to be promoted to archdeacon, and their youngest is cruelly bullied at school, she reaches breaking point. To move her daughter to a fee-paying Catholic school, she takes a lowly job in the local supermarket, against the wishes of her husband and to the disapproval of the parish community.

As her sense of worth grows, Anna becomes torn between her newfound independence and family responsibility.

RRP: £19.99/ Certificate: 12 /Catalogue Number: 188952/ Barcode: 5019322889526
Genre: TV Series / Drama / Run Time: 240 mins approx. on 2 discs

Zastrozzi: A Romance – Complete Series

Released on DVD for the first time 8th October 2018

Zastrozzi DVD Trailer

Tilda Swinton and Mark McGann star in early screen roles in Channel 4’s 1986 Gothic drama.

An atmospheric four-part drama adapted into a contemporary setting by David Hopkinsfrom Percy Bysshe Shelley’s chilling horror novel, considered a precursor in image and theme to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Characters are transported from 19th century Germany and Italy to present-day England in a vivid exploration of the wicked depths of human nature, and the failed frameworks of society, religion and romance.

A tale of revenge and obsession, Geoff Francis plays outlaw Zastrozzi. Assisted by courtesan Matilda (Hilary Trott), they abduct his half-brother Verezzi, played by Mark McGann, and torment him into believing his lover Julia, played by Oscar-winner Tilda Swinton (Doctor Strange), has been murdered in a campaign of vicious psychological abuse.

What the press said:
“The darker corners of the subject of desire… transform[ed] into a scathing commentary on contemporary England.” New York Times

RRP: £19.99/ Certificate: 15 /Catalogue Number: 188951/ Barcode: 5019322889519
Genre: TV Series / Horror / Drama / Run Time: 205 mins approx. on 2 discs

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