Oscar nominee Kathleen Turner stars as the bewitching evil stepmother in this ravishing and satirically twisted retelling of the classic fairy-tale.


Cinderella features stunning cinematography, fabulous costumes, and the best role for Ms. Turner in years.” – United Feature Syndicate

This big-budget adaptation of Cinderella was Channel 4 International’s top-selling programme of 2000.

Directed by BAFTA winner Beeban Kidron (Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit) and adapted by BAFTA-winner Nick Dear (Agatha Christie’s Poirot / Persuasion).

Once upon a time a beautiful young girl lived in a far away 1950s English kingdom. She loves her father (Emmy-winner David Warner) dearly and stands up to Claudette (Kathleen Turner), her wicked social-climbing stepmother and her evil stepsisters. Luckily Cinders has a fairy godmother, in the shape of Mab (Jane Birkin), a magical mermaid.

Thrice-married Claudette is fed up. Having discovered that new husband can’t afford to give her a life of luxury, she plots to poison him, so she can move on to someone else. Cinderella (Marcella Plunkett) suspects her father is in mortal danger and must foil her evil stepmother’s plans.

Beware! This is no pantomime!

RRP: £14.99/ Certificate: TBC /Catalogue Number: 188931 / Barcode: 5019322889311

Genre: TV / Fantasy / Run Time: 50 mins approx. on 1 disc

Cinderella DVD Trailer

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